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the calm after the storm

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Counseling for Individuals

Life is hard right now -- so many pressures, disappointments, and fears.  Maybe it seems like everything is working against you, or that the relationships you counted on are falling apart, or not there in your corner when you need them. 

In times like these, your confidence in yourself falls so low it seems like you aren't certain of any decision.

Talking things through, just you and me, can make a huge difference to your life.

Whether it's a situation that been building for a while, or a recent unexpected life altering event, or an unrelenting chronic pain that's got your feeling stuck or insecure,  I can help you through the storms of life and teach you some of the skills to better manage any future adversity. 

Let me help you navigate life's turbulent waters
so that you can envision and achieve

the calm after the storm.

Call now and let's get started.

Counseling for Couples

Couples want to feel appreciated, noticed, cared for.  They want a best friend, protector and soft place to fall.  

Sometimes expectations are too high.  Sometimes you assume your partner should KNOW what you want without having to be told.  That probably isn't true.

Really listening to your partner and talking things through together provides the glue that holds marriages together through the tough times.  But when trust is damaged, or when you shut your partner out, the emotional bond that creates connection is lost.

If the emotional bond with your partner is slipping, if you feel like you are moving in different directions, and you want that original spark back, couples counseling can help.

If your partner won't come with you to counseling, you can still work on making the changes you can make for yourself that can have a positive impact on your relationship.

Fewer arguments, more sharing,

less  suspicion, more love and trust -- 

isn't that what you want?

Remake your marriage from the inside out
Couples Counseling can show you how

Counseling for Better Parenting

Parenting isn't easy.  You worry every day that you're failing your kids. You know you want to give your kids all the love and direction they need, but maybe you aren't quite sure how to do that, especially when they are grinding on your last nerve.

No matter their age, all children go through stages and phases, and a parent's job -- in one respect -- is to accept their changes and explorations, while giving supportive guidance in a manner that keeps communication flowing.

If you are worried about what your kids are going through, if you are struggling to be the role model they will follow, if your communication and discipline skills are no longer working like they used to, it could be time to learn a few new approaches to parenting.

Counseling for better parenting

can help YOU create the relationship you want

with your children -- of any age.

Save yourself a lot of hassle and heartache

Get the help you need now

Counseling for Stressed Out
Law Enforcement Officers

Any field in law enforcement -- whether corrections, DEA, street cop, etc -- is a high stress occupation.  The last thing you need is more drama and chaos in your personal life.

When your relationships aren't functioning well, when the people you live with are excessively difficult, when your home isn't providing the relaxing sanctuary it needs to be so you can be your at your best to serve and protect, a little help is warranted.

Your department may provide an EAP benefit you could use, but you worry about confidentiality, and you don't want Internal Affairs finding out.  

I know, more than most, just how important it is for you to keep quiet this current need for some emotional counseling.  

By working with me outside of the department,
I can provide you with the highest level of privacy.

Call today  -- there's no time to waste

when your personal life is endangering

your job performance.

Counseling for Graceful Aging

Were you shocked when you turned 50 and started getting mail from the AARP?  

You aren't the only one.  Hitting that half century mark forces us to confront our own mortality, and along with that can come new insights, release from old limiting beliefs, and opportunities to finally let yourself do what you've dared do before.  It can be a bit disorienting and anxiety provoking.  

Feeling distressed about sliding into the last 3rd of you lifespan?  

At this time of life, you may be finding old regrets or yearnings are coming up.  Your spouse may already be gone and your adult children scattered across the country.  Loneliness is a typical source of dissatisfaction as we age, and one of the primary reasons we feel every ache and pain more acutely. You might be dealing with grief or confusion, and be uncertain how you'll adjust to your new reality.

Facing retirement and growing anxious about all the uncertainties ahead?

One of my specialties is in helping men and women age gracefully, with maximum emotional health and happiness.  

It helps to talk with an experienced
and friendly professional.