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Susan M. Stasek, PsyD

Therapy for adults & couples
on the North Shore


the calm after the storm

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Meditative Moment MP3 ~ Coming Soon!

Free relaxation audio for a quick de-stresser

Great for between meetings, waiting for the train or plane,

or while in line at Starbucks!

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64 Tips for Self Health Pain Management 

Struggling with chronic pain? Get tips for natural
alternatives to pharmaceudial pain killers.

Tipsheet:  Guidelines for Healthy Arguments ~   

Fighting more with your partner?  
Discover the 6 parts to fighting fair.

Dealing with Stress in Relationships ~   

3 self help tips to help you survive arguments,
take control of personal stressors, and 
end toxic relationships when you need to.

Those Physical Symptoms Could Be Depression ~   

​19 million Americans have symptoms of depression -- do you?

Find out with this checklist for how it feels and what you can
do right now.