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Northshore psychologist Dr Susan Stasek specializes in anxiety and depression for parents, couples, aging boomers, and law enforcement
I'm Dr Stasek ~

Reaching out for help when you're hurting can be hard. People don't always know what they need, or even how to talk about what's wrong.

And that's why I offer the chance to ask a few initial questions by phone in a brief chat to see if my expertise matches your needs.

Without adding to the pressures you may be dealing with, we'll briefly explore what is most troubling to you, what you want from seeing a psychologist, and whether I'd be able to help you.

If you'd like, in that phone call I can explain what the process of therapy is like, and whether your insurance will pay for it -- or how to pay by credit card or check.

Perhaps you're here today just gathering information. Please feel to spend some time reading the short helpful articles, you'll find that on the Resources page.   


​Calls are returned Monday through Friday between appointments, from
8 am and 4 pm.


​​I'll look forward to speaking with you soon.

Are your kids or spouse making you miserable?

Struggling with anxiety, depression, or feeling lost?

Wishing life were different, but don't know how to change? 

It’s tough to go through each day feeling stressed out, on edge, overwhelmed and unhappy.  When home life is unkind or chaotic, it starts to threaten your productivity at work, and you begin to  wonder why you're putting up with it.

Maybe your best coping tricks are failing, and you're feeling at the end of your rope.  It could be scaring you a little to be even thinking about divorce, but you don't know what else to do.  Something has to change.

I’m here to help.

Whether you are dealing with .....

  • startling or distressing behaviors and comments from your spouse​

  • secretly wondering if you'd be better off getting a divorce​

  • career pressures and workplace conflicts​

  • chronic pain impacting your moods and social life​​

  • roller coaster emotions due to uncertainty and stress​

  • parenting challenges of a blended family

  • safety and success worries for your children

  • fights with your kids, or between siblings and step siblings

​..... you know you aren't where you want to be in life, but you don't know what to do about it.  You recognize that change is needed, but where to start is the big question.

More than anything, you're desperately hoping for clarity and new options for creating the life you really want.

I have 21 years’ experience helping people just like you
solve these kinds of personal life and relationship dilemmas.
I can teach you how to gain clarity and find the answers you seek.


Use this form to email or call to request an initial consultation

and find out how Envision Psychological Services

can help you sort it all out.

Call Dr Susan M. Stasek​ today

Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle.​
Start creating the change you want today